Best store bought hat 2017-Sandy Parsons

Jockeys in the Fillies races in 2009.

Jockeys in the 2010 Fillies races.

2016 Derby Hat Contest Winners

First Fillies breakfast in 2001.

Hat contest winners in 2010.

​Best Derby theme Hat 2017-Janie Fraser

Jockeys for the Fillies races in 2017-Myra McElheney, Debbie Huie, Kathleen Waddles, Maggie Fraser, HC Burich, Mary Bickel

2016 Jockeys for the Fillies Races

2019 Derby Party

Participants in the Hat contest in 2010.

Derby & Fillies Races wagering guru, Charlie Heckel, checks in with his betting staff.

    Best hand crafted Hat 2017-Sally Dade

Hat contest winners in 2009.

                    Kentucky Konnection Kentucky Derby Party

                                                   May 2, 2020 

                                                         4:00 pm


                                           ​     Hat contest

​                                      Fillies Races

Kentucky Derby Party

2018 Derby Party