Best store bought hat 2017-Sandy Parsons

Jockeys in the Fillies races in 2009.

2016 Derby Hat Contest Winners

First Fillies breakfast in 2001.

2016 Jockeys for the Fillies Races

2019 Derby Party

2018 Derby Party

Kentucky Derby Party

Jockeys for the Fillies races in 2017-Myra McElheney, Debbie Huie, Kathleen Waddles, Maggie Fraser, HC Burich, Mary Bickel

Jockeys in the 2010 Fillies races.

Hat contest winners in 2009.

Derby & Fillies Races wagering guru, Charlie Heckel, checks in with his betting staff.

    Best hand crafted Hat 2017-Sally Dade

                    Kentucky Konnection Kentucky Derby Party

                                                   May 2, 2020 

                                                         4:00 pm


                                           ​     Hat contest

​                                      Fillies Races

​Best Derby theme Hat 2017-Janie Fraser

Hat contest winners in 2010.

Participants in the Hat contest in 2010.