This is how our golf program works for the Kentucky Konnection.  All sign-ups and correspondence is done

through e-mails. 

Our monthly golf event is held only on Executive courses.

We primarily have two different seasons, summer and the balance of the year.

Summer-Once a month, we set up a scramble event.  A day, normally Saurday, and  a course are selected.  Sign-ups are held, teams are assembled, and we play a large group.  This period is normally May through September.  A schedule for 2016 is shown below.  There is a $3.00 entry fee.  For those who wish to attend , we go as a group, to a nearby restaurant after golf.

Balance of Year-​It would be next to impossible to schedule large groups during the peak season, so we schedule foursomes.  The format is as follows: 

We play a scramble. 

Emails are sent to all members announcing the event and the course the competition will take place for that particular month. 

All new golfers will be asked for their Villages golf ID number and an average score they shoot on the executive courses.

After the sign-ups are received teams are set up as evenly matched as possible based on their average scores (spouses are normally on the same team).

A team captain is appointed for each foursome.

The roster & rules are emailed to all players.

The captain contacts all member of their team and determines a date that is agreeable to all team members.  The captain obtains the tee time and notifies their team.  The captain collects the $2.00 entry fee from all players at the course. 

The teams normally have four weeks to play their match.

I hope this helps you understand our golf process.  If not, please contact me.

Charlie Heckel

Golf Chairman  Cell-502-498-6557


January Golf Results-Churchill Green

1st.  Linda Meyer           25

        Pam Butcher

        Steve Butcher

        Jerry Meyer

2nd. Sara Greemann      26

Tie   Sally King              

        Jack Sprauer 

        Nick Greemann

2nd.  Mary Bickel             26

 Tie   Mike Bickel

         Ron Dunn

         Steve Robbins

4th.   Jim Arnold               27

Tie     Greg Merimee

          Billy McMakin


4th.   Patricia Blewett        27

Tie     Chandler Blewett

          Lewis King

          Carl Marquess

4th.     Leslie Hay                  27

Tie       Sandy Carter

            Dave Sawyer

            Larry Hay

4th.     Lynn Goodwin           27

Tie       Joan Manning

            Charlie Heckel

            Dan Goodwin

8th.      Jacki Shafer               28

Tie        Myra McElheney

             Rich McElheney

             Jerry Shafer

9th.       Elaine Bolte               28

Tie         Joe Bolte

              Fred Hassloch

                 Al Meek

9th.      Kathie Niesen           28

Tie        Mary Ann Woltenberg

             Dick Woltenberg

             Joe Hargett

9th.       Celia Werschulz        28

Tie         Terri Curry

              John Curry

              Steve Werschulz

9th.       Toni Meyer                28

Tie         Pamela Hasch 

              Richard Hasch

              Wayne Meyer

13th.     Melinda Dodds           29

              Donna Diehl

              Ken Nacke

              Robert Dodds

14th.      Jan Schweitzer          31

               Virginia Telford

               Wesley Meyers

               Ed Schweitzer