2020 Winners

1st. Place-Beth Bransletter

2nd. Place-Bob & Sally Dees

3rd. Place-Larry & Marta McKenzie


2009 Chili Cook Off Winners

Chili Cook-off Chairman Sully Dade & Club President Clint Hamm present the awards to 2018 winners 1st.-Claudia Emms

                       2nd.-Dale Devine

                       3rd.-Jim Shaffer



Chili Cook-Off

2010 Chili Cook Off Winners

Sully Dade, chairman, presents the awards for the 2019 Chili Cook-Off

1st.  Adam Dilman

2nd.  Bruce Adams

3rd.  Dick Woltenberg

2016 Chili Cook Off Winners

2017 Winners. 

1st. Place-Sully Dade

2nd. Place-Larry Wilson

3rd. Place-Bruce Adams